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The Vintage Kart Registry:

Note: Entries to the Registry are listed in the order they are submitted and not sorted by name, geography or any other category.

Ray Bundy, Columbus IN
Rathmann Xterminator Kart, approx 1960-62, currently powered by non-vintage Briggs & Stratton.

Bob Gifford, Wichendon MA
Rupp Grand Prix, 1964, dual MC-91's.
Bob is a member of the Vintage Kart Racing Association.

Kit Henry, Bellevue OH
Early (approx 1960?) Rupp Dart Kart.
Currently being rebuilt for his family's fourth generation of karters.
Address: 814 E. Main St., Bellevue OH 44811

Larry Jendras, Sykesville MD
1958 Acer Racer, Clinton 2.5 hp engine.
This kart was manufactured in nearby Cockeysville MD. Larry raced this kart "for a couple of years until the tracks closed".

Rick Brown, Fort Wayne IN
1962 Dart Kart Grand Prix, twin West Bend 820's
Engines feature GEM V12 manifolds, Wiesco 9 port pistons, shaved flywheels and GEM mufflers.

Brian Espeset, Mankato MN.
1961 Hellcat, Quazzoni rotary valve 100cc engine.
1966 Rupp Chapparal, twin 101A's. NOS tires and mufflers.
1972 Blackhawk kart with MC101AA.

Barry Sullivan, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
McCulloch Kart (year & model? M400?)
Acquired in 1993, Barry is not sure of the year and model. Has been told it is an M400. The engine is West Bend 580 with Go Power goodies.

Larry Fear, Homestead FL
Rupp Dart Kart, 1963 or 1964
Motor: 8 HP Briggs & Stratton
Kart was rebuilt in the Caterpillar plant, Joliet IL early 70's. Larry is currently restoring the kart for his kids to enjoy. (Could use source for brake parts - shoes, springs).

William Rice, Coventry RI
1964 Rupp, twin MC-91. Kart has four wheel hydraulic brakes.
1961 Ala Kart.
Bill has many old parts for sale or trade.

Dean Gebhardt, Milwaukee WI
196? Fox Kart
Motor: Switches among several setups: MC9, MC20 9-ported w/dual carbs, MC101B.
All engines mount to a Dyna-Drive gearbox (static ratio, hard to find parts for), w/Max-Torq clutch. Fuel tank is mounted over the steering column to leave room for the dual carbed engine.
2814 W. Juneau Ave, Milwaukee WI 53208

Craig Rodwell (and son Peter), North Bay Ontario, Canada
1960 Dart Kart
Motor: MC6?
Kart was found on a far 20 mi east of North Bay in 1991. Preparing to restore the kart, but would rather find an MC10, as Craig raced with one in 1960. Craig is a Tonykart dealer in North Bay.
Craig Rodwell
90 Belleview Cres.,
North Bay, Ont.,
Phone: 705-472-1033
Fax: 705-840-KART

Lynn Haddock, Chattanooga TN
Lynn has no karts, but does have an extensive collection (over 30) of vintage kart engines, including brand new MC5 and MC10, and some European stuff such as fan cooled Komet and front rotary valve Parilla. Some are restored, others to follow as time allows.
Lynn is always looking for pieces he doesn't have and would like to hear from those who may have pieces he is missing from his collection.
Lynn Haddock
2511 McCallie Ave.,
Chattanooga TN 37404
fax: 423-698-4635

Mike Collier, Raleigh NC
1960's Margay Kart with MC 101
Mike originally bought this kart from Competition Karting whose John Klutz had run it and won several championships.
Mike ran this kart in the first race at Daytona Beach Speedway in 1974 in the sprint-setup class as well as numerous other asphalt and dirt races over a 15 year period. The kart has a Margay gearbox and still sits on the same Goodyears Mike ran at the daytona event.

Geoff & Barbara Neiley, North reading MA
GoKart 800 (1960) with MC10.
This is an original unrestored kart the Neileys have owned since 1960.They raced it one season then kept in in their barn ever since.
See the many cool pics in the Readers' karts section.

Carl Billington, Gardner MA
1960 Dart A-Bone.
Carl who is the third owner of this kart, is president of the Vintage Kart Racing Association. Skeeter Bearce piloted this kart to win the first Vintage Kart race east of the Mississippi (1996).

Steve Tamer, Fremont CA
1962 Caretta, MC100 with twin Tillotson carbs. Currently undergoing restoration for upcoming events.

Don Box, Dallas TX
1960 Dart A-Bone with MC-8. Perfect stored-since-almost new kart acquired from Hernan Gonzalez in 1999.

1962 Caretta with MC8. Perfectly restored kart, aquired from Brian Espeset 1998.

Nicholas Bliss, Medford OR
1969 Margay with twin West Bends, Tillotson carbs, GEM manifolds. Acquired 1993 at yard sale and subsequently restored.

Bobby Moore, Richmond VA
1964 Dart Kart with Mac 91 or 91A (not sure). This kart had been run by Bobby's wife's uncle mostly at Ashland VA and is currently under restoration. Would like to hear from people with parts he needs. Plans to enter in vintage races if and when they occur. Call Bobby at (804) 379-0608 or e-mail.

Mike Hostetler, Moores Hill IN
Rupp dart Kart with Mac 91B. Mike's had this since 1974 and is looking for parts to restore it for his kids. E-mail Mike.

Joe Morrissey, Smithville MO
1960 McCulloch 200 with twin Mac 7's. Joe purchased the kart from its second owner in St. Charles MO. Kart is complete and all original.
(816)-532-3633, e-mail.

Larry Stollfuss, Carter MT
McCulloch R-1. Larry is original owner, purchased kart at a Mac chainsaw shop in Kalispell MT. Has run variety of engines: MC10, 6, 20 30, and Briggs. e-mail

Noel Harper, Mountlake Terrace WA
1961 McCulloch R-1 Dual Engine Kart.
Purchased used in 1969 with two unidentified Super Engines. Ran in Stock Appearing Jr. with a 9 port Mc 7, but kart was to stiff to handle well. Dad then raced with dual Mc 91A's, the original factory McCulloch clutches and Reed 500 exhaust. Extra weight helped handling. The only modifications to the kart is a slight recline to the seat back, which required a notch in the factory gas tank, and a larger disk-brake pad.

1965 Bug Sprint Kart.
Purchased in 1968 with  fully ported Mc7 fitted with a Mc90 intake and Tillotson alky carb. This is the original wide seat metallic blue Bug Kart, with 'please slow me down' drum brake and gas/brake pedals that bend under hard use Raced with Mc7, 91A, and Parilla BA13.

1970 Hornet Sidewinder
Purchased used in 1972. Four- wheel hydraulic brakes, disk in rear, drum in front. Ran with the Parilla BA13, in Stock Appearing Light.

Lil' Indian Mini Bike, late `60s
Purchased used in 1971, year of mfr uncertain. It came with mechanical rear disk brake. It is powered by early Mc Super Engine fitted with Mc90 intake and tuned exhaust stack. "Tried running it with a large bore carburetor from Mc91A, but the slightest crack of the throttle would land you on your head." Fast and powerful, but
unstable over 60 mph. e-mail

Steve Vanatta, San Luis Obispo CA
Go Kart 800  with Mac 6 motor. Complete original incl candy red paint. Steve also owns a Go Kart Cycle with West Bend and plans to restore as matching pair.
Added May 2004: 1963 Dart Grand Prix original, unrestored 100% original with new Mc-91A.
Also, original Taco 22 mini-bike. Restored, with 3 1/2 H.P. Briggs


John Newbern, Santa Rosa CA
1959 Bug Wasp, souped up Mac. Meticulously restored, featured in Kart Racer magazine article.

Alex Soduk, Canton OH
1968 Rupp J Kart, non-vintage Briggs engine.

Rod George, Kittanning PA
1958-59 (?) Sears "Speedmobile" powered by (Tecumseh) Power Products engine. Kart is one wheel drive with scrub brake. Has belt drive running up under seat to jackshaft and final chain drive. Would like info or original ads about this kart. E-mail or write Rod George, R.D. #8 Box 258, Kittanning PA 16201.

Scott Grundfor, Kalamazoo MI
1960 simplex Challenger I with E65 Clinton engine. Purchased recently from second owner (30+ years), kart is in original unrestored condition including orig Goodyear slicks.
1960 Homelite Spitfire with 2 Homelite KR92 motors. In process of restoration and needs parts.
Call 616-388-8200 or e-mail

Marc Paer, Portland OR
Rathmann Xterminator (gold) with MC7's, resto nearly complete.
1962 Neal kart with West bend 820's, original unrestored condition.
Also has a silver Rathmann,  Go Kart 800. McCulloch 200 and Bug Sprint. Looking for an original Ala Kart, WB 580 engine, kart literature and engine parts.

Eddie King, Muskego WI
Percival Gold Medal (late 50's/early 60's). Has been in family since mid 60's. Had twin AH58's (one was lost). Looking for 1 or 2 AH58's or other twin engine pair to complete the restoration. or
Phone: 414-679-4844.

Mike Gardner, Jacksonville FL
1962 Fox, fully restored, with original mag wheels. Has been run with numerous WBs and Macs.
Runs kart at city run sports complex with races every other Saturday eve. Other area vintage karters should contact Mike at

Tom Gardner, Jacksonville FL
Dart Kart (1961-63?) with WB820. Fully restored.

Frank Payne, Omaha NE
1961 McCulloch R1, in mint original condition with stock MC75, MC clutch, MC motor mount and Horstman header.
1961 Fox Kart, this kart looks exactly like a flyweight as in the test in June '63 Karting World but it has a steel floor pan, engine mount, and axle. Original blue paint,virtually flawless Engine is a stock MC6.
1965 Bug Wasp. I bought this kart complete, and NEW from Bud Evans of
K&P in 1983.  Engine is a bored MC101, Hartman clutch, MC motor mount, Horstman header, Airheart rear disc.
1965 Rupp, "Brand X" kart. Looks like an A bone with a narrow steering
hoop. Restored with all NOS parts, new grand prix wheels, old style
Carlisle tires, new bendix brake. Engine is a stock MC45 with Margay
gear box and GEM open header.
1968 Fox Doodle Bug mini bike with West Bend 820, restored, 6" Go Power
Engines: These are all restored as original with new decals.
Clinton A490; Clinton E65(new, never fired); MC10; Homelite KL100; Saetta V12; Komet K77; Komet K55
I'm looking hard for a Power Products Super AH58 or 61 and need a
correct Tillotson HL123AX to finish the Homelite.
Phone: 402-593-1090; eves 402-393-5252.

Ed Jacod, Haworth NJ
1960 1/2 Dart Kart, West Bend 820.
Looking for a clutch.

Phillip Berryman, Bowersville GA
Norseman Thunderbolt
Used for unique advertising display.

Jim Walter, Elyria OH
1969 Rupp Enduro; twin MC91B's.
Kart was given to Jim by Mickey rupp; Jim is 7-time IKF champion.Plans to race this kart again at mid-Ohio.
Address: 761 Sugar Ln., Elyria OH 44035-6313.
Phone: (440) 365-0507

Jerry Gallagher, Webster NY
1969 Margay Sidewinder, twin komet K-99 B-Bombs.
Jerry won 69 and 70 IKF Div I C-Open championship with this kart. Son Danny ran right engine in 89 and 90 to IKF Region 4 150 Open championship. Jerry would like info on drivers from 60's-early 70's era such as Jim Whitehead, Micky McCarthy, Roger Riberdy, Don Goodyear, Tom Shean, Jim Mann.

Guy VanDerVeen, Redlands CA
1963 Fox Flyweight, unrestored. Currently powered by (not correct to the year) MC-91.)
1961 Bug Scorpion, Palmini team kart. Dual WB 580s.Being restored (has name "Ron" on it..who is that?)
1973 Margay Concept sprint. Original except for seat (needs one).Runs at El Mirage Dry Lake on SCTA Lakester weekends.
Caretta, being restored.Came with 3 Montessa 100 cc engines. Guy needs technical info re engines/carb setup. Also needs set of 5"GoPowers.

G.W. Renner, Duncansville PA
1960 Fox Go-Boy with Clinton A490. Bought it new with dirt tires, Comet clutch. In process of restoration. needs parts for the A490.
Address: 601 14th St., Duncansville PA 16635
"Gary W. Renner" <>

Steve Neilsen, Seattle WA
1965 Bug Fly under restoration.
Needs GoPower front wheel, CT Allot front wheel, muffler for MC6,7,8.
Address: 6606 S.W. Admiral Way, Seattle WA  98116
"Steve Neilsen" <>

Ray Perry, Wyong AUSTRALIA
1964 Rupp Grand Prix / Mac engine.
Rescued off the back of a truck..restoration required fabricating some of the parts.

Ron Aldrich, Hudson FL
1960 Simplex Mark I, WB 580 engine.
Kart has sat in basement since new (Feb '60) and repainted in 1999, Ron has all the papers that came with the kart.

Scott Graham, Ada MI
1969-72 (?) Lancer / Mac 91BI with expansion pipe, Hartman oil clutch, QC rear sprocket, nylon rims.
Purchased in 1975, ran 2 seasons. Now in cleanup/rebuild stage.
Would like info related to this kart.

Paul Clark, Manassas Park VA
Coyote racing kart model 820 early 1960`s with US Marine 820 2cycle engine with Tillotson dual diaphram carb jetted for alchy.
Kart is well worn with more street use than on a track,but all is original incl hard compound slicks  and hydaulic disc brake on the rear axle. In middle of stock rebuild - need parts sources.
Also have Rupp Black Widow minibike w/3.5 HP Tecumseh that threw a rod - need a new engine.

Ross Lee, Hastings NEW ZEALAND
1972 Panther Zip "A", twin Macs (a 91 and a 91B), Horstman oil clutches. Used in demo class for special race days.
Ross is a member and the newsletter editor of Hawkes Bay Karting Club, Roys Hill, Hastings.

Ken Coogan, Niagara Falls NY
1964 Dart MA-1, orig powered by Clinton A-400, the WB 580. Ken is orig owner. Kart currently being enjoyed by his son running Briggs 5HP in the yard.

Bob Shaffer, Sunbury PA
1959 Go Kart 400, MC5 and MC10 engines, Palmini tank, restored.
1960 GoKart 800, dual MC6's with Palmini dual carb intakes. Orig candy blue paint and goodyear tires.
1961-63 Blitz F-2000, dual MC20/dual MC-40/or single MC-75 single engine combinations, restored.
Rd#2 box 397 Sunbury PA 17801; (570) 286-6550;

Bob DiNozzi, Vintage Karts Web Site, Tewksbury MA updatgreen.gif (772 bytes)9/7/02
1961 McCulloch R1, MC6. Alternate MC 91 for racing.
1960 Bug Wasp - no engine as yet.

John Nedbal, Woodbridge IL
Rupp Enduro, late 60's or early 70's. Currently pwered by non original Briggs. Currently undergoing restoration, all original parts incl alum side tanks are accounted for. Would like info re this kart.

Warren Stewart, Morrisville NC
Rupp Chapparal, approx 1968. Owned since new, has orig tires, tank etc. Originally ran with a WB 820 (which were then sold as Chrysler 820s), but no longer has these.
wstewart@ganymede .com

Bill Whitelaw, Dublin OH updatgreen.gif (772 bytes) 2/1/0
1. 1964 Dart Grand Prix with twin MC-91's. This is the Kart that is currently pictured on the Vintage Kart Web Site. I've added a few more polished parts, but it is basically unchanged from how it is pictured.
2. 1964 Dart Grand Prix with original MC-9. This Kart is currently under going a complete restoration to the original 1964  "As Run" configuration. It may be finished up with dual MC-9's. 3. 1965 Dart Grand Prix with MC-91. Currently under going a complete restoration with a MC-91or 92. This Kart will be for my son to run at the Vintage races this year. 4. 1966 Dart Chaparral with a MC-101. Another Kart that is in the process of being restored. This will probably be one of the Karts that I run at the Vintage events this year.
5. 1966 Dart Chaparral with twin MC-101's. This Kart when it's finished will have front wheel disc brakes and a two caliper rear brake. The engines will most likely have three carbs each.
6. 1966 Dart Chaparral Enduro with twin MC-91's. This Kart is also being restored to an "As Run" configuration.
7. 196? Dart Kart that is currently without an engine, and I'm not sure exactly what it is. I think that some one converted a one piece chassis to a two piece. I'm unsure of the pedigree on this on and will probably sell it off as a bare frame.
Since I have most of the parts to finish all of these Karts, it becomes a matter of finding the time to complete the work.
Bill's address is PO Box 471, Dublin OH 43017.

Gernot Stocker, Lindlar-Hartegasse, GERMANY
1963 IHLE, MC-8 Found in a barn "with the smell of cats on it".Not restored; kept original, just cleaned and repaired.
1972-73 Taifun Kart with rotary valve Komet K77. Restored and race-ready.

Jesse C. Hicks, Colona IL
1964 Rupp Grand Prix, MC-75 that he raced as a kid in Centerial MO. Also has a 64 Rupp "Brand X" kart, an MC8 and 2 MC75's.
Needs parts for MC75.

Matt Marotz, Peshtigo WI
Bug Stinger, 1970's, Tecumseh 6HP.Kart was beat and 3.5 HP powered when first acquired.
Matt has turned it into an off-road racer of sorts.

Joseph Nowak, Shirley NY
Fox kart, believed to be 1961 "Mak Kart" model, purchased in 1970. Did a recent restoration (1997), running a 3.5 HP Tecumseh.Would like to hear from other Fox kart owners.

Ricky Echevarria, Puerto Rico
Rathmann Xterminator, found in 1999. Needs gas tank, steering wheel, Hands wheels.

Paul L Jaime, Norwalk CA
'63 McCulloch kart, twin macs belived to be MC70. Plans to modify to Raptor III power.

Brian Haldorson, Morris IL
Early 60s Simplex Challenger, no motors.Would like paers info.Going to fix it for kids to ride..

Marc Chiannavei, Taunton MA
1972 Margay Cheetah, possibly model 44-101B (no swing mount).Set up for 100 or 125 cc Mac.Last raced at Shelton CT (dirt track) in 1978.Requires complete restoration.
P.O. Box 185
Norton MA 02766

The Wear family, Scottsdale AZ
1960-62 Dart A-Bone, ex factory team kart.
"Originally was raced with a West-Bend reed engine at Davis Kart Track in RI,   Amateur Karting Assn., tracks in East Providence, RI, and Rayham, MA. Also at   the Tri-State Kart Track Pomfret, CT. Bendix Drum Brake replaced with a Hurst   Airheart mechanical caliper in 1967, and raced until 1971. Was fitted with a   4 cycle Briggs engine for the first 4 cycle race held with the New Hampshire   Karting Assn., at Bryar Motorsports Park, Loudon, NH about 1981 promoted by Len West & Competition Engineering. Kart is now retired and in storage at the Tiger Kart factory in Mesa, AZ."
Competition Engineering
9393 N. 90th St. Suite 102
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Dan Erickson, Westminster CA
1965 Rupp Grand Prix. Orig owner ran a few Nat's, then hung it on a wall since '71.C-Open, with dual 101a s, twin crescent alky carbs, 4 wheel discs with dual calipers in the rear, and rupp knockoffs.
'73 Bug stinger currently powered by 4 HP Honda and used by daughter Laura (age 10 a/o 2000).

Steve Armstrong, New Orleans LA
1974 Margay Scat Cat. Given to him by parents when age 12. Kart is all original; currently running Tecumseh 5HP. Used for family fun summers in VT. Looking for info re history and getting parts.

Mike & Jackie Squires, Davenport IA
Rupp "Monza Jr." (Chevy Monza SS body). Dates mid-late 60's.Tecumseh 3.5 HP engine. Planning restoration. Would appreciate help and info.
Mike & Jackie Squires
20708 169th Ave.
Davenport IA 52804

Steve Bailey, Hickory NC
1961 Go Kart 800, complete but needs resto. Rebuilt MC-45 runs great.Needs round seatback tank and throttle frame linkage.

updatgreen.gif (772 bytes) Mike Clements, Gilbert AZ
Rathmann Xterminator (owned since new). Completely restored to as-new condition. Orig had MC-10, currently running MC-91A. Tires are orig Firestones 4" front 6"rear.
Aug 2000: Added Rupp Enduro (69 or 70) and Hornet Sprint (69-70). Also acquired an almost new MC-20 and (2) 101AA's.
Clements racing products Inc. 480-503-3322.

Michael Bender, Beaver Falls PA
Rupp (1970-73?) with Herbie Jr. plastic body (a la Disney movie)3 HP engine. Body has stress cracks which Michael intends to repair.
Michael P. Bender
1126 mercer rd.
Beaver Falls PA 15010

updatgreen.gif (772 bytes) Craig Owens, Santa Rosa CA
Margay, believed to be late 60's-early 70's. Purchased in 1990 at automotive swap meet for $250.
Nov 00: Resto is nearly completed. Plans to submit to Readers' Karts.

Joseph M. Colandreo, Gaithersburg MD
Kart of uncertain ID, appears to be homebuilt ca 1968-70 using parts and ideas from its contemporaries. Powered by MC-91 with Horstman clutch. Purchased from the original owner who said he raced it in the 60's.

Wayne Haviland, Las Vegas NV
Five karts as listed:

1961 Fox Go-Boy
Kart has unique twin engine Box mounts with twin McCulloch Racing
Corp. modified NOS Mc-20s. Engines have never been started at
this point. Tires are NOS Carlisle narrow in the front and NOS
Carlisle wide in the rear.

1962 Fox MAK Kart
Twin Modified NOS Mc-30s with many McCulloch Racing Corp.
modifications. This kart was restored to compete in the vintage
'C' Open class.

1959 Power Products (Canadian Kart)
Single engine Power Products AH-47. Kart is partially restored
at this point.

1959 Simplex Challenger I
Kart is being restored, with Clinton E65 engine and megaphone

1965 Rupp Chaparral
Twin Mc-101AAs with three carburetors per engine. Formerly
belonged to Brian Espeset. Pictures under Brian's name.


Sean Haviland, Las Vegas NV
Two karts as listed:

1960 Bug Wasp
Twin Modified NOS Mc-6s (Never been started at this point), many
aftermarket GEM and Azusa items. Kart has been completely

1963 Fox Lightweight Kart
Twin Modified NOS Mc-40s with many McCulloch Racing Corp.
modifications. This kart was restored to compete in the vintage
'C' Open class.

McCulloch Racing Corp., Las Vegas NV
Three karts as listed:

1961 McCulloch R-1 Kart
Twin NOS Mc-20s (Never been started at this point). Kart is
complete as delivered from McCulloch factory. Everything
including clutches, chain guards, exhaust and wheels are

1962 McCulloch R-200
Single Mc-2 NOS stock (never been started at this point). This
kart is 100% McCulloch factory, with McCulloch clutches, chain
guard, exhaust, etc.

1962 McCulloch R-300
Single NOS Mc-7 (never been started at this point). This kart is
100% McCulloch factory with McCulloch clutchs, exhaust, etc.

Additionally, McCulloch Racing Corporation has over 300,000 NOS
parts in stock for all models of McCulloch kart engines. They
maintain one complete NOS engine of every kart engine ever
manufactured by McCulloch Corporation and are in the process of
establishing a permanent website with catalog.

Mario Fernandes, Eixos, PORTUGAL
Homemade kart built by albano Jose for an 8 yr old boy. Power is Zundapp 50cc.

Korey & Brent Morris, Louisville KY
196? Lancer w/dual motor mounts. Motor: 1980's Briggs with "mild mods".Raced in yard kart classes.
Nov 00: Kart sold to unidentified new owner.

Malcolm Buckler, Ramsey, ISLE of MAN
Buckler Class 4 ca, 1962 powered by Villers 9E. Kart was rescued by the Buckler Car Register,

Al Postiglione, Centereach NY
Dart Kart with a Parilla BA13 (approx. ? 1964 ?) Currently being restored. Should be completed by early Nov. 2000.
Purchased used in 1967, this kart was raced until 1971. A real work horse, we went through a lot together!

Bonanza (approx. 1963-1965) restoration project for winter 2000-2001, possibly be powered by a MC90 (depending on availability of parts). Raced (1965-1968) with the MC90, this kart could really handle!

Margay (approx. 1971-1972), MC91B, restoration in progress. Features 4 wheel Disk Brakes, extended front porch. This kart, starting from the back, won its first 6 heats at a local track in Staten Island. I retired from Karting briefly (8 years), then returned this kart to active duty with a Limited Modified Briggs.


Bruce Dabney, Fairlawn NJ
1958 Yazoo Dragster, orig cond., stock MC10
1966 Rupp Chapparal, restored, MC91B with GEM header, engine mount, intake trumpet and other goodies.
Nov00 Add: 1974 Bug Wasp Enduro/MC91.Races at the Summit Point vintage races.

Kim Cruzan, Noblesville IN
Rupp Fun Kart, approx 1970. Orig had 4 HP tecumseh, is now powered by 5 HP Briggs.Given to Kim in  1986 by a co-worker who had acquired it used in 1973.

Jon Pearce, Wiltshire Co., U.K.
Trokart, undergoing restoration.Trokarts were British equivalent of Go Kart 400's and came powered by clinton A490's.

Steve Becerra, San Jose CA
Margay Cheetah 1070-72, restored. Needs Hartman oil clutch to complete.Kart was raced with MC92 til rod snapped and cracked the block.Current engine is Mac101 purchased new in '75 and never started.

Ed Pazak, Solon OH
Dart Grand Prix  from the sixties, Mac9 motor, dual Mac carbs(modified by Wiesco) , 9-ported, tuned muffler, running alky.
Bought kart from original owner in the mid-sixties and raced locally till track closed, have early tape/video from Navarre OH where we raced. Kart is exactly as it was raced, stored in basement. Have extra complete motor, motor parts when we raced. Looking for a fuel tank for the kart to make it run again.

Jon Banks,  Toronto, Ontario Canada
Rupp approx. 60's vintage.
Twin aluminum motor mounts, no original engines fitted. Front mounted brake master cylinder (at about left ankle position) which I think is Airheart make.
Would like help in identifying the exact model Rupp.

Ron Merriman, Ithaca N.Y.

Early 60s Fox Kart with twin McCulloch 91Bs, original wheels, disc brakes.
Bug Kart with side mounted McCulloch 91B, nylite wheels.

Harm Schuurman,  The Netherlands [Holland]
A collection of aboutt 10 vintage karts (American and European) plus spare engines & parts. I have an original (never modified) kart track 580 meters long. Final goal is to have a showroom/workshop museum and to race vintage karts.
I have vintage euro engine parts available.

Virg Love, Bellevue NE
65 Dart Chaparral Enduro, WB820s, GEM Manifolds, Tilotson HL194 carburetors, Horstman Clutches and Exhaust. Set up as a C Open. Purchased new as a wedding gift for Jack Goodmon Manoa, IL. Raced as a B-Limited. Stored until Feb 2001.
Also have: WB580, Mc 49C, Mc91B1
Virg Love
805 Forestview Circle
Bellevue, NE 68005

Ernest Shores, Mary Esther, Florida
1964 Fox 2300 box mount, satellite seat. Purchased this year, kart was used as a fun kart with Briggs. Undergoing total restoration .
Will be looking for period correct MC engines.

Ron Cubel, Arizona City AZ
1965 Dart Chapperal with two 820 West Bends in process of being restored.
1970? Dart A-bone with one 610 West Bend in process of being restored.
Please e-mail or call if you have parts to help restore my Darts.

Mario Legault, Quebec City CANADA
Fox Kart, MC-10.

Dave Brown, Venice, Fl.
1965 or 66 Rupp Enduro; Twin Mac 91s.
Currently under restoration. Looking for any and all information on this chassis.
E-Mail at:
Dave Brown
731 Alliagtor Dr.
Vencie, Fl. 34293

wim jepsen. The Netherlands
adress; rosariumlaan 50
Zipcode; 3972 GK
City.: Driebergen
kart: 1961 LEECART, Mc 91-A (original a Mc-8 ?)
Only 10 karts were imported in the Netherlands in 1962 from California and most of them were bought by US- Airforce men, stationed in  Holland and Germany. I own this litlle yellow beauty since 1962, since as a boy of 14 I could buy it "cheap" because the front end was damaged when it was shipped.

Bob Baldwin, Fountain Vally, Ca. (Orange County)
Lancer, built by Rupp Eng. Powered by two Mac 9's. Currently (May 2001) under restoration. "This was the last kart I races back in the 60'sand  it was a hoot to run, and handled very well. My Dad and I started Karting back in 59, running the parking lot circuit in southern Calif."

Following added July01:

Dennis Oliveira, Caldwell, Idaho
I purchased this stub axle Bug in 1960,In San Mateo calif, when I was thirteen.It had a Clinton a-400 and knobby tires.Currently it has a mac 6, and will be rebuilt when time permits.

David Hicks, Paducah, Ky
1958 David Bradley kart ( Sears) 3 hp Briggs good shape. Like the first kart we had.
1959 Swoopster, with PP 82 got from original owner raced against this kart when I was a kid. ( cannot sell) dead axle.two motor mounts
1960 Swoopster, has 101 on it now, all org. from org. owner, nice w/ live axle (cannot sell)
60-61 Lancer has adjustable rear end and Dart Kart wheels
Sold Mac.R1 but have a few new karts.still have Dart Kart
Also have 3 nice Qt midgets ,Also have lots of kart parts some nos, most used ,around 40 motors, 17 karts some to new
David Hicks
705 Milliken Rd.
Paducah, Ky. 42003

Steve Matotan, Albuquerque, NM (updated Dec 2005)
1974 Hegar Hustler enduro
IKS Komet K88, Hartman/ Hurst Airheart front brakes, Go Power wheels, Bystrom axle clutch. I am the original owner, and the kart is in unrestored condition exactly as it was last raced in '75. Very good condition

Added August 2001:

Dean Seavers, Sacramento, CA.
1973 Lancer sidewinder with a stock Mac 91 M/C on alcohol.
Dan Erickson was kind enough to sell the kart to me as a roller and I put a motor I already had on it. Look to add a few small things and be out on the track by late summer/early fall! Fellow karters can share stories pics with me at:

Michael N. Bryant, Dunedin FL
1978 (?) Invader, laydown enduro, MC 91 alky eng. Red with alum side tanks, butterfly steering wheel, closed live axle, front and rear disc brakes.
Looking for LMC Swoopster to restore.
Michael N. Bryant
937 Douglas Ave.
Dunedin, Fl 34698

Added October 2001:

Brad Fultz, St. Louis MO
62 Mac R-200 W/ 91-A
I have had this Kart since 1973 and currently restoring it.

Jeff Campbell, West Bloomfield MI
1961 Fox Go-Boy with Twin MC20 engines, kart is 100% orginal (including paint/decals), both engines are bone stock and original standard bore size. One engine has never been fired.

Don Distel, Greenwich OH
Century Speed Kart 1958-59 Dad bought it new.
Originaly had 580 west bend now has macs. Which ever one we want to run from 49s to 101s.. Still have west bend also.

Added December 2001:

Rob Urschel, Overland Park KS
1967 Rupp D-300 Kart
Purchased in 1967 in Dallas, TX. It came with a 3 1/2 hp Briggs, but in 1977 we put on a 5 hp Briggs and modified to burn methanol. Has a short take cam and high pressure oil release valve. Toledo carb with extended manifold. I used to smoke people in dirt track racing.
I am currently in the process of restoring the kart to it's original state and restoring the motor the best I can. I may just put on a new competition Briggs 5 hp. instead.

Mike Steiff, Carroll OH
1959 Dart Kart with 2 - 700 West Bends Restored runs great.
1966 Dart A Bone with West Bend 820 Restoring at this time.
1976 Margay PantherX 92 Mac Restored
I also restore vintage motor bikes, you can see my web site at
I'm in the middle of buying an old gokart shop out that has been closed for 25 years. it has a great inventory.

John Morehead, West Chester OH
Century Speed Kart 1960.
My father purchased used in 1960 w/ a 700 series West Bend motor. I finished rebuilding the kart this past month for my son. I rebuilt a 6 hp tecumseh and put in on the kart. I also have the West bend and am planing on rebuilding this soon as well. Eventually, I will put the west bend back on the kart.
7704 Wethersfield Drive
West Chester, Ohio 45069

Lou Giovannetti, Yorktown Heights NY
1966-68 Rupp Grand Prix
Mc90 engine fitted to a Margay gear box
The Kart just went through a total restoration. The engine is presently being rebuilt.   The Kart has been restored to its original condition using most of its original parts. It is painted in Cobalt Blue metallic and has drum breaks in the rear. I am looking forward to racing it in vintage events.

Ron Reaves, Colliersville TN
- Early 60s kart (unknown make), Mac 91B1, live axle, band brake, one
engine mount in center. Older restoration, nice.
- 1962 Sears R300 racing kart, two engine mounts, enclosed live axle, nice shape, now with 1 B&S. Would like to find 1 or 2 580s to put on it as originally offered by Sears.
- Early 70s Margay with side mounted Mac 101, nice.
- Early 70s IKS Enduro, I'm restoring it now. has DAP Convair Engine The DAP has a stripped keyway so I may replace it with a Mac 91. Anyone know if you can do anything for a stripped keyway other than replacing the crank? Does anyone know where I can find a crank?
- Early 90s 'Beast' kart. modern racing kart. Don't know anything about it except that it's in great shape, no engine.
- About 15 Mac engines, mostly 91 series, a couple 49 and 101 series.

Address: Ron Reaves, 1377 Wolf Ridge Drive, Collierville, TN. 38017

Added February 2002:

Jeff May, Hagerstown, MD
1974? Margay MK III Dual Kart, Being restored with single engine. Want to add dual 101's later.
1975? Hornet Wishbone Enduro, with 91B and Hartman axle clutch, needs restored.

Kris Doyle, Centralia,WA
Early 1949 Ingels Borelli  kart chassis number 26 powered by two different interchangeable motors. One is a mac chainsaw motor and the other is a mac race engine. If any one has information aboput these karts or would like to know more please contact me

Hanson Duncan, Seaman,OH
Neal Kart, acquired from Marc Parker (Dec 2001).
"I raced a Neal in the mid 60's. I still have a lot to do to the Kart before it is completed, hopefully in  the next month or two."

Added March 2002:

Brad Fultz, St. Louis, MO
McCulloch R-200 Kart 1962,
Motors: 91-A & Mc 93
I have had this Kart since 1967 and have recently restored it. I believe it had an Mc2 when my father bought it. I still have all the original wheels and tires that came with the kart.

Gary P., Yorba Linda, CA
1972 Flexo "Estate"
This was mine as a child. It was purchased new in 1972. It was manufactured by a company in Los Angeles called Flexo Engineering. My dad and I assembled it. I recently restored it for my children. It has a 5 h.p. Briggs. Has anyone else heard of this kart. They were sold through many mower and kart shops in Southern California in the early 70's.

Randal Sordelet, Fort Wayne IN
1973 Lancer Twin West Bend 820`s
1963 Rupp Grand Prix K99 Bee Bomb
1967 ? Lancer West Bend 820
Address: 1929 Lakeview dr Fort Wayne IN 46808

Justin Stillman, Newark, DE
Rupp Dart Kart . year? Mcculloch 91b
Originally bought this kart in 1973 for $20.00 without a engine. Since then it has been ran with a 4 stroke suzuki, a yahama motorcycle engine and now with a mcculloch 91b.

Herbert G Dickel, Vermilion, OH
Karts and items listed below.
7903 Barnes Road
Vermilion, Ohio 44089
440 967-7929

Rupp K E 11 Foreign (Series K Enduro) 1960"s, no original rear axle, no original rear wheels.
Rupp Model J (Series J Enduro) mid to late 1960's
Rupp Chaparrel Enduro American early 60's, right and left side tanks
Margay Sprint
5 SAE Karts 1960's
MOTORS: West Bends, 580 Block, 700 Block; McCulloch: Collection of about 100 vintage motors; Comet B Bomb 135cc; Briggs 5 horse; plus Expansion Chambers, Clutches, Tires, Manifolds, McCulloch Carburetor's, McCullough and WestBend Motor Mounts

Added July 2002:

Gene Luzader, Monroeville PA
1963 Simplex Challenger Mark 16 Kart with twin West Bend 820 Power Beeengines. Original owner, totally restored to new condition with some upgrades. Original service manual, parts catalog and brochure. Upgrades include 334A carbs and air cleaners, engine mounts improved with extra supports. All aluminum parts polished, screws and bolts replaced with stainless allen cap screws, 5 in front, 6 in rear wheels polished with new chrome dust covers and chrome acorn nuts. Kart used very little.

Added Sept 2002

Dominic Salvato, Anchorage, Alaska
I bought a 1960 Caretta from Kris and Mike Doyle, it came with a McCulloch 91-B and a McCulloch 55-A, I'm still looking for a stock steering wheel and a Azusa number panel, to me a Caretta is more a work of art then a Vintage Go Kart!

David Nance, Huntsville AL
1962 simplex Mk V rental model undergoing restoration now.
Engines: 91a,91b, 91?,91?,92,92,AH58,AH520.
7802 Cadillac Dr SE, Huntsville Alabama35802

Jim Reed, Ft Pierce FL updated June 2005
1975 Margay/K-88 Concept Two enduro the 1974 Daytona A-Stock Reed
winner with R. Shaffer driving, a 1975 Hartman/Mc 91 enduro built for Todd Spaude of TS Racing, a 1975 CKS Quicksilver/K-88 built by Dismore, a 1979 Trick/k-88 enduro, the remains of an unknown late 50's or early 60's Tectate style enduro with a 580 WestBend. I also have one modern enduro which is a S & G Dominator/ Rotax 250 shifter built currently by Don Bootes in Redlands Ca.
[Rupp kart, previously listed, is gone.]
8701 N. Blvd.
Ft. Pierce, Fl

Whitney Eckard East Peoria,Il
1963 Percival Hellcat 635L,powered by McCulloch engines, Mac 75,8,7.I'm in the process of restoring it and having a hell of a time getting the 75 to start!! I have gotten it to start,but it sat a year.This Go-cart use to be my step-fathers daughter when she was 12 and now she is 50. He happened to marry my Mother and the Kart came into our home with him and that is when I got my hands on it and was getting into trouble with the police!! and I still have it.

Dean Kossaras, Grand Blanc MI
Under (major) restoration:

1965 Lancer with dual Mac 101A/A, 293 Tilottson, V-12 manifolds, Horstman Clutches
1970 Rupp Mean Machine II dual K-99 Bombs, Overhead pipes
1968 Margay Sidewinder II with Dual K-99 B-bombs 4 wheel discs brakes
1972 Emmick prototype Dual with K-99 B-bombs (need Crankshafts)
K-88 Komet and Mac 91b-1
Raced from 1962 to 1972

Todd Limoncelli, Long Island NY
Late 1950's kart made in Bayville NY. Was raced by my uncle until the early 60's. Powered by a westbend 4 hp 5500 rpm motor with "power V manifold".

Added December 2002

Dave Brillhart, Mt. Jackson VA
1. ''75 Margay PantherX Enduro custom C open, two West Bend 820s , HA 4 wheel brakes, Margay 24 wheels, and is an active racing kart in the WKC series at Summit Point. 2.'74 Invader sprint possibly the first european design sprint chassis built in the US. Raced in the WKC series with an 820 West Bend ;2002 Vintage USA champ . 3 '6? Hornet very early sidewinder , with front drum brakes on 4" wheels, restoration project but complete. 4. A number of foreign rotary valve engines in including a Palilla SS-21 and a John Hartman water cooled K-88 open.

Richard Kennedy, Gualala CA
1979 ? Briggs
P.O. Box 261
Gualala, CA 95445

Charlie Chaponis, Manchester CT
Dart Chapparral "65 or '66 in as raced condition from the late 60's. It has an Airheart rear mount cylinder/caliper. The kart has Eliminators on the rear and a MrX on the right front. It has one mount. Current power is a stock appearing Mc7 also have a 91mc conversion ready to go.

Ernie Fisher, Gualala, CA
1965 Dart Kart Grand Prix. It is a C-Open, powered by twin, fully modified West Bend 820s. I raced this kart for Rupp during the sixties. This kart was featured on the cover of Karter News in Oct 1967, winning the California State Championship. The kart was retired in 1970, and sold to a karting fan. I contacted him in May of 2002, and purchased the kart from him. It had not been raced since its final race in 1970. Dirty, rusty, banged and dented, with blown engines, The restoration project began. We made every attempt to keep this kart "period correct".
PO Box 275
Gualala, California

Garry Engel, Milwaukee WI
1. Early 1960s Sears 300 Racing Kart, nice original condition.
"I do not have the correct West Bend engines. Nothing appears to have ever been cut or altered. I would like to find the original white plastic steering wheel, and any   literature and information about this kart."
2.King Kart, also in good condition, with MC 91B Engine  connected to a direct   drive (Dyna-Drive)unit. Aluminum rear axle and an all chrome frame.

Phil Ganci, Ridgefield NJ
1. 1974 Bug Bucket with a Mc91B, Hartman clutch.
2. 1973 Margay Concept sprint with a Mc101A and a Burco Clutch.
"Raced karts at Westhampton Speedway and looking forward to running next year."

Added February 2003

Ben Bradway, Warsaw IN
1963 or 4 Lancer . Twin Mac 9's 91's and 101AA's. Kart has seen very little race action. It was very easy to restore.

Casey Cole, Austin TX
1975 Bird 'Dr Pepper' Model T Pickup Kart
I bought this from the original owner who won the kart at a local HEB Grocery store drawing. I want to completely restore this kart.
Don't drive faster than your Angel can fly

Brian R. Rusch, Sterling Heights MI
Stock 3hp Monza Jr W/headlights and horn button on dash. Headlights and tail/brake lights work.
The cart is almost identical to the one pictured here on VK site (except mine has headlights). I have owned it for almost 25 years.

Harv Aschenbrenner Jr., Fond du Lac WI
1969 prototype Banchi that was never run. It was just finished up 2 years ago. It is the white and yellow #2 shown on VK site:
E mail address:
Address: W6803 West Grove St.
Fond du Lac, Wi.

Lee Ramsey, Vonore TN
195? Buck Board kart made by Mcdonough Power Eguip. Inc.  "I restored this kart after finding it in bad shape wood rotten and i had to make some of the spokes. If any one has any information on this i would love them to email me. The only thing i have found out is the company had been sued and went out of business."

Added February 2003

Russell Crum, Bethel Park PA
1963 Simplex Challenger: Father bought it for me new when I was born, was riding it at 4 1/2 years old. I was told it had twin Macs. on it, but I drove it withBriggs(5 HP) on it. Now 34 years later I'm restoring it to factory original(is in good & complete shape). So my son, that's 5 years old can second generation on it! Please if anyone has detailed information about Simplex Challengers please contact; Russ

Jason Meleg, North Canton OH
I think I have a 1960`s kart it has a 5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine. I found me kart 3 years ago in a barn. It use to be used for racing with 2 twin chain saw engines. [from pic I saw, appears indeed to be early 60's, possibly Fox kart - Ed.]

LaVon Zelmer, Buchanan MI
I am writing this for my dad. He is the original owner of a Rupp Grand Prix and he thinks that it is ~69 vintage. At some point in time we will supply some photos to let the readers help us out with the year. He ran both single and dual Mac's in what was supposed to be a stock class. We still have the kart, engines, tires, and a Margay gear box. He did not like the gearbox - made him slower. My dad tended to win quite a bit and he raced in Buchanan and various tracks around Michigan and Indiana. Should you know him and would like to drop a line, I will give him the incoming email. By the way - It is not for sale and we hope to have it restored for 2004.

Peter vonSneidern, Temple NH
1970 Bug stinger lay down. Originally ran Macs then a Yamaha . When I retired from the enduros in 1980 we prepped the kart for its next race----which hasn't happened yet. We had a good time with it and won a few seasons championships and ran it about 3000 miles at speed.

Dominic Salvato, Anchorage AK
Caretta VI-E. This Caretta is absolutely perfect, and being a big man the only one I could fit in that had the pyramid shaped front steering, [The front of a Caretta is like the wide glide on a Harley "you can spot it a mile away"]. There can only be one number one, Caretta.

Tom Mescher, Rowland Heights CA
Bug Sprint 1969 with twin McCulloch 101's. Recently purchased. It's the set-up I had 35 years ago. The fun begins

Jerrel Pylant, Carlsbad, NM
Chevy jr. just like the one pictured in the Rupp Monza SS article. I won the kart at Six Flags in Ft. Worth at the Chevy Show, in the early 70's. I have the original engine, but a Briggs is in it right now. I plan on restoring as soon as I can.
Jerrel Pylant
2411 Vermont
Carlsbad, N.M. 88220

Added August 2003

Jeff Troy, Lancaster PA
1960 Dark Kart Super K, 1961 Homelite KL-100.
At 14 or 15 years old in 1960 and 1961, I raced a Homelite Spitfire kart with a Power Products engine. I hadn't driven a kart since my Spitfire was lost in a move in 1963. In 2003, I got the bug to ride again, and purchased this kart and engine from Jack Foster in New Jersey. The Spitfire was a dog, and I had always wanted a Dart Kart or a Go-Kart 800. Now I have one. My Dart Super K needs more than a little work, but it runs nicely already. The kart will get whatever attention it needs - and a whole lot more - over the next year.
Jeff Troy
759 New Holland Ave.
Lancaster PA 17602

Don Fuller, Longwood FL
1968 Rupp Monzas
I am a Shriner with the Bahia Shrine in Orlando, Florida. I am currently the President of a unit called the Roadrunners. We drive 1/8 scale 68 Corvettes in many of the different holiday parades throughout central Florida. I currently own two of the karts. The information we have is that all the original karts were produced for several Shrine organizations by Rupp Manufacturing in 1968. Many of the stock originals are still running 8hp Kohler engines while the others are running newer 5hp Briggs engines. The second kart I acquired had been wrecked several years ago and I am currently restoring the body which has a data plate riveted inside the cockpit. It reads:
Rupp Mfg, Inc.
Mansfield, OH
Serial No 20345
I would love to hear from anyone who may have any information concerning the production of these cars. Thank you.

Shawn Lawler, Clare Iowa
Make of kart and year- I'm not really sure. I just redid it as a 4-h project. My dad guessed it is a 1950's kart.

Anthony Lincletter, Hamilton Hill, PERTH Western Australia
McCulloch 1962 Funcart with Twin Carb MC40 Engine.
Fully Restored To It`s Original Glory.
124 Blackwood Avenue
Hamilton Hill WA 6163

Andy Douglass, Westfiled In
60's "lotus style" FKE 4 wheel indepedent suspension. Rack steering. It now has a Briggs type 4 stroke engine and jackshaft. Only markings are the words Canada. Looking for more info on it.
Andy Douglass
9 east 191st st
Westfiled In 46074

Jeffrey Pannier, Pittsburgh, PA
Fox Flyweight, 1963
I believe, single center mount McCulloch M-9 Engine, seat in perfect condition (white pleat with black surround)removable with plastic gas tank fixed to back of seat, engine runs great - just put in new carb diaphragms, new clutch McCulloch original equipment,   ?? should I rechrome the pedals, and linkage?? or is it worth more the way it is?? It's alittle scratched up. I was going to have it Powder coated...??? Is this a good idea??? will it still have the same value??? Tires and wheels original(magnesium),.... I need brake shoes. The steering wheel is alittle rusted... My father gave me this kart in 1969. I was the fastest 8 year old on the block! I'd like to clean it up and give it to my son or POSSIBLY SELL.
Jeffrey Pannier
3450 Babcock Blvd.
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Kelly Newbold, Ft. Lauderdale FL
1972 Bug Stinger Sidewinder
McCullough 91 B/1
Box Stock American Reed Class
Thank you,
Kelly Newbold

Scott Clarkson, Chichester NH
69 or70 Rupp Mean Machine (I'm guessing on the year)
Would like to locate some missing parts. Looking for the engines and pipes and so on.
Scott Clarkson
370 Suncook Valley Rd.
Chichester N.H. 03258
phone 603 4358951

Added November 2003

Jim Wilson, Collinsville IL
1963 Dart Grand Prix/MC91
I found it rusting in a back yard, forgotten and abandoned. The engine (a mac 91) was bought in pieces from Jeff May and put together by Brad Fultz. These guys really helped me get the restoration finalized. I finished the resto just in time for the 2nd annual vintage kart Olympics. Thanks Jeff & Brad.
Happy vintage karter, Jim Wilson

Scott Robinson, Mankato MN
Early 60's? Percival Model: Unknown?
Gift from my father circa 72' (was a mangled basket case, no motor(s) etc.) Now very interested in a full restoration. (Any information on these karts would be
greatly appreciated! Thanks.)

Fernando Cruz, San Jose CA
Go Kart 800?/ Originally had a Clinton engine (2.5hp?)
This gokart was given to me by my father about 20 years ago, it was in pristine original condition when he bought it off the original owner. The original color was sky/powder blue. Red Clinton engine and a red Vinyl seat . It currently needs a replacement Clinton engine...
email :

James Coulthard, Blyth, Northumberland, England, UK
Barlotti A-Frame 1969 - engine Parilla BA13
Bought the kart 15 years ago as I was a Kart Dealer in the UK (Karthouse Racing), gave the kart to a good friend of mine as he was looking for a "starter" kart for his son. The kart stood in his garage for the last 15 years. I told him I was going into vintage karts and he said "you can have the Barlotti back". I had forgotten all about it - but I accepted his offer. Now I am totally refurbishing it.
Will be a pleasure to be a member of the Vintage Kart Association of America!

Jim Coulthard
47 Humford Green
Chase Farm
NE24 4LY
England, UK
Email address :

William Bauman, Richland  MI

1963 Bug Wasp, MC8 (1963 motor) in peices, MC9 (1964 motor) complete, MC30 (1963 motor) in pieces
DYNA Drive Gear Box. 1 owner, raced in 1963,64. Last raced at 1964 International Kart Olympics in Mansfield, Ohio. Has been sitting in garage since.Wheels need polishing, but other than that it is in very good condition. Am planning on completely restoring (including engines) this winter.


Robert Kelsey,  Florence AL
Early 60's Rupp Monza Jr.
Redoing for show kart. Been in my family since it was new. I am 32 and it has finally been passed to me to restore. Putting a 5 horse briggs stock appearing motor on it so it will go good in parades.
Robert Kelsey 204 w. Duncan Ave Florence Ala. 35630


Jimmy Butts, Albuquerque, NM
1979 Panther X, 2-1970's margays.
Bought the 1979 several years ago for $500 and raced it in Sr. Sportsman class. The kart was used for my sons first year of karting and then
retired. It now sits on top of the kart rack wait to be restored by to orignal condition. The 1970's margays are not complete, there lacking spindles, nerf bars and a few other odds and ends.

10331 Oso Grande Rd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111


Carl Berg, Wausau  WI
196? King Kart /Tecumseh Power Products 2 cycle engine (also a Clinton 2 cycle engine)
Kart is in good oringinal shape, blue in color. Motors run really good. want to know more about kart, please help.
1010 Bird Street Wausau, Wi. 54403

Added December 2003

Mark Weaverling, Santa Maria CA
1962 Faller kart, Mc7 (A Standard class) Believed to be the first of three karts made by Gil Faller.
1969 Bug Sprint, twin K-99 B-Bombs. Currently under restoration with a ways to go!
1972 Bug Stinger, Gary Hartman built Stock Appearing Komet K-88. Kart had
never been on a kart track until I ran it in October 2003.

Craig Owens, Santa Rosa CA
Early 70's (probably '70 or '71) Meyers Lancer with a Mac 91MC engine. This is one of the early sidewinder designs, it's powder coated aero yellow & gloss black with Margay wheels. I completed the restoration in 2001.
e mail:

Brian McGauley, Dallas TX
Pre-1960 Simplex Mark I (Unrestored)
Engine: Was a West Bend 580, but the motor was stolen in the late 60s-early 70's
I had the Kart bug BAD when I was a kid. Pestered folks incessantly. Got used Simplex w/ new WB580 for 12th birthday 9/27/1960. Still have it and am in the process of restoring it. Any tips appreciated, expecially where to find a decent WB 580.

Bobby Muha, Brandon MS [updated May 2004]
1960L Fox Kart
Am in the process of restoring. Have had 2 Power Producrs AH58 rebuilt (new stock rings, mains, rod bearings, seals). GEM engine mounts, HL66 carb, hi compression heads.
Bobby Muha
324 Wicklow Circle
Brandon, MS 39047

Added March 2004

JakeMiller, Glendale AZ
New Tecumseh engine on a (70's?) Margay frame, its red; has 2 slim slicks in front;and 2 wide slicks in back.
7241 West Peck Drive
Glendale AZ  85303

Mark Anthon, Prairie Village KS
Unknown make of kart
Bought kart in 1974. Has rack and pinion steering, torsion bar rear suspension with solid axle, heavy aluminum floor, full round steering wheel. no front suspension but three "arm" tubes off the frame support the front wheel mount. Wheels are polished aluminum, 2 piece held together by allen head nuts, one hurst airheart disk brake on rear axle, used 1 mac 101 engine, slicks on the front and back, small gas tank mounted on rear of seat. A very precision frame with lots of slick welding and well ground parts. Well finished in all areas. Uses an upright type seat. Does anyone know what this kart is?

Pat Gaffney  Detroit Lakes MN
1961 McCulloch R1 with twin 101's. I purchased Kart with a MC6.
I used to race a McCulloch in the early 60's.

Eric Prosise  Ames IA
Early 1960's Rupp Monza Junior
The Monza Junior / Chevy Junior was actually modeled  after a Corvair show car, not a 'Vette as most think. Mine is actually  just a rough body right now, and I am looking for a rough Kart to put under it. It was designed to run on a Rupp Dart Kart, or A-bone. Let me know if  you have a project kart to help me out.

Carl McKinney, Town Creek  AL
1964 Rupp Grand Prix {currently under restoration}
Carl McKinney
1083 County Road 141
Town Creek, AL 35672

Added May 2004

Randy Forbes, Toledo OH
McCulloch R1 (partial serial no.) 1 3501 3144;
I suspect the serial # was prefixed with "R1" but there are grinding marks as a result of a repair in the area.

John Latte, Newtown CT
1975 Bug Wasp
Kart is still all original, factory red paint, Carlisle's up front with Goodyears in the rear. Was raced in the late 70's and early 80's at the Norwalk Go-kart Club in Norwalk CT.

Lewis and John Johnson, Rockwall TX
1962 Percival Hellcat, twin AH57's
A four year search ended with a hit on ebay and making the seller take it off ebay five minutes after he posted it before any bids were placed. The cost was steep, but we meant business. Kart had no rust. It is built like a tank. The power of the 57's is a little disappointing, even though it is a replica of what we ran when we were kids and only weighed 75 lbs. Currently exploring increasing the compression and rod strength of the 57's and letting them breathe better.
Any tips on AH57 power increase appreciated.

Ben Jackson, Mc Farland WI
1976 Margay Panter X , 5 hp box stock
I restored it this winter for my son to run at sugar river raceway WI for fun.


Added September 2004

David Fey, Renton WA
Lee Kart, 1962, Mac 91s - Twin Engine,
2nd Owner - had since 1964. Last ran August 8, 2004 - ran great!
Polecat, 1964, Mac 91,
Kart is all original including paint. Last ran 3 years ago and in great condition.

Scott Sigafoos,  Easton Pa
1972 Bug Stinger sprint kart - just purchased,  plan to restore.
Currently have (8) k88 Komets
I am looking for a Hartman Single enduro kart
Address: 2409 Lennox St., Easton Pa.

Ludwig D'Angelo, Staten Island  NY
1960 Rathman Xterminator that has been in the family since 1963. The cart was acquired by my father without any engines and was fitted with a Techumseh 3.5 HP engine in 1973.
I am looking to set the cart up for my children and I am looking for the original red vinyl seat that was shippedwith the cart. Any ideas?

Jay Reich, Eau Claire WI
Rupp Chevy Jr., Blue. Year unknown.
Restoration project started, requires seat and engine. Information and requested.

Mike and Tom Bontreger, Middlebury  IN
'62 or '63 (?) Fox Flyweight
My son and I are now playing with this kart which my dad raced in the early 60s. Currently running single Homelite kl100. Dad (Tom) used to race
it with twins with dual carbs on alky. I have some new piston rings so we should be able to run it for a while. All original condition . I think clutch parts might be hard tofind. We are industrial park running it now but would some day like to make it pretty again and take it to some meets.

Bud Hanna, Booneville  MS
E-mail address: bub@scpplastics,com
1968 Banchi #11, with dual US 820's fully modified. Are going to be modified by Mark Dismore of Comet Karts, Greenfield IN. Body being restored from bare frame up by Harv Aschenbrenner Racing, Fond du Lac, WI
Bud Hanna: bub@scpplastics
Harv Aschenbrenner:

Jim Weaver, Clayton  IN
Kurtis Kart?
This kart, which is approx. 40 yrs. old, is believed to be a Kurtis. The kart has two engine mounts, enclosed 1" live axle w/dual internal expanding brakes, 46" wheelbase and the front spindles have tapered roller beariings. The engine that was on the kart when we got it was a B&S 5hp.
10986 South County Road O
Clayton, IN 46118

Robert Peterson, Burnsville  MN
1970? Red Devil Engineering Kart #151
MC91B-1 Engine, Hartman 101 Clutch

Michael John, Danville  CA
1959 Dart Kart - Clinton A-490. Excellent original condition with the original upholstery, tires, engine, etc.
1959 - Rocket Flyer (Arcadia, California) - Clinton A-490. Complete minus upholstery currently undergoing complete restoration.
Looking for NOS Clinton engine decals....


Thomas H. Thorin, West Hills CA
Here is my current list of karts to put on the Registry:
Restored Simplex Challenger Racers:
1959 Red Mark I with red Clinton
1960 Red Mark III with Clinton E-65
1961 Red Mark III with Clinton and "a Pipe"
1961 Black Mark III with yellow Clinton
Other restored karts:
1960 Evans light blue SPL
1961 Fox Mak Kart, candy blue with dual PP-58
1960 Go Kart 800, candy blue
1962 Bantam with WB 820, seafoam green
Dart A-Bone, narrow hoop, white & candy red
Karts in work:
1962 Simplex Mark IV, converting to open live axle for Mac
Unrestored karts:
1960 Hoffco Hurricane, (2) of those
1960 Simplex Mark I, 3rd owner
1959 GoKart 400
1959 Dart
1960 Rocket Kart, nice
1960 Rathmann - rough shape
1962 Kavalla - rough shape
1960 Bug - rough shape
1960 Simplex parts frames, (3)
Simplex clone, maybe a prototype
Robron Dart type yard kart
And 4 mini-bikes and a bunch of engines.
I am mainly interested in Simplex karts and anyone having questions about them are encouraged to contact me. I have Reverse Engineered (R.E.) several models and can help with mechanical details for restoration. Also, I R.E.'d the Hoffco Hurricane, GK 400/800 and Evans. I made 1/8th scale Simplex karts; the Mark I was on a web site as a real kart!
Thomas H. Thorin
8807 Topanga Canyon Blvd.
West Hills, CA 91304

Added December 2004

George DeGovanni, Vienna VA
1962 Blitz Kart w/ 2x MC engines; MC 8 and MC 91A
I originally bought the Blitz KART w/ paper boy delivery savings in 1962 and raced it in Phonexville, PA from 1962-1964. I then went to Air Force Academy and stored it till 1969 when I was in AF Pilot Training and bought the MC91A and raced it in Valdosta GA for a year. Again I stored it when I went to off to Viet Nam as a AF Pilot, and then restored it in 1980 for my 2x daughter to drive (used an old 4 cycle engine for their fun driving). Then again into storage till now when I am interested in selling both the Blitz Kart and MC engines.
Contact info:
1797 Clovermeadow Drive, Vienna, Virginia 22182

Harry Brundage, Port Byron  NY
1962 Hellcat SL
- was campaigned in central New York for four years. It ran Mac 6 and Mac 7 engines in both A stock and A super classes. At one time we converted to gear drive and incorporated a Mac disk brake that is still on the machine. It presently has a Mac floating engine mount, but unfortunately no engine. The original upholstery is intact, but it has a later sterring colunm due to local regulations at that time. This machine won numerous events and was my fathers pride and joy.
I would let it go to a good home.

Jeffrey Pannier, Pittsburgh  PA
1963 or 1964 Fox Flyweight, MC-9
My friend's father would never allow me to ride his homemade kart with a lawnmower engine on it because he said it was too fast for me. My father heard that and then bought me this Fox Flyweight kart with an M9. I was the fastest 8 years old in the neighborhood! We never raced this kart. We used to run it in store parking lots, up and down the street and on an unfinished highway near the neighborhood.
Jeffrey Pannier
All About Youth Aesthetic Laser Center
3450 Babcock Blvd
Pittsburgh, PA 15237

Harry "POKEY" Hull, Miami / Hialeah FL
[# 53), 1959 - 1962]
I still have my original 1959 Go Kart 400 with the original Clinton A400 engine, trophies, and head gear. I raced under the Miami Kart Club and Grand Prix Kart Club of America at the Hialeah and Medely Speedways, and also at Terry's Kart Track in North Miami. I have alot of the old news bulletins from the GPKCA and some old pictures. I am looking for anyone with the same, you can reach me at

Russell Smith, Corning CA [Updated September 2005]
1972 Bug Stinger Sidewinder
1960 Simplex MK IV, adding twin WB 820's
1960 Go Kart 800 W/ Clinton A-490. Completely original and purchased from original owners's grandson
1960 Bug Wasp, twin Power Products AH-58's
This Kart has been in the family since new. It was raced very little and has been stored since 1975. I inherited it when my cousin passed away. It is complete, 99%
original, and came with a slew of MC-91A engines, extra parts , work stand, starter, etc.   I am new to the Vintage Kart World. I do remember falling in love with a Simplex Mk. II back in the early '60s.

Added January 2005:

Joe Fausett, Marietta GA
Rupp Chapparal, year unknown.
Restoration almost complete. Need seat upholstry and fuel tank to finish. Any help finding these items would be wonderful. Power from WB820's and Air Heart disks, 2 in front 1 in rear.

Dana Farina,  Belvidere IL
Fox concession karts
I currently have 15 Fox Carts that at the time were sold as double seaters, where the child sat between your legs. They have 3 1/4 Clinton motors on them as that was the motor of the time. All carts are operational along with the motors. This year will be there 45th birthday. Is there anyone else out there with this collection?

Jay Mendoza , Mission Viejo CA
2004 repro by Robron of a 1968 Dart A Bone
with disc brake, third bearing support, extra sprocket hub, seat back tank, swing mount, front fairing/number panel, frame set up for twins, red in color. Mc-91A, and a Clinton A 490 for engines, horstman rev-grip clutch, Hartman 76T rear sprocket. Beautiful kart, high quality, excellent workmanship and finish, but I must say it is very small, especially if you are over 5'-10".

Neil OLeary,  Stormville  NY
1961 Percival Hellcat
I recently purchased the  Hellcat in pretty decent shape minus the engines. Would like to find an original gas tank. Looking to do a complete restoration on it this

Added February 2005:

Jeff Brown,  Farmington Hills MI 
66 Big J lancer with 2 Big J Westbend 820's with 3 carbs, restored to a tee and runs just like Big j built it.
Also have a Margay Pro X with 2 BM 130's with Culverators on them.
I have a large inventory of BM 130's and I'm willing to help anyone with 130 questions. I have several Saettas, K88's a mac 9 and a 101. I've been karting since 1962.

David Raab, Fox Lake IL
1960 Rupp ? not sure 3 Briggs was powered by Mac 91
196? King Kart is powered by a Mac 91
I bought these two karts back in 1986 for $25 and have spent about $1000 so far restoring them. I would love to hear from people who have knowledge of the King Karts History and if anyone has any Mac 91 or Mac 91A engines for sale. Thanks
E-mail address

Steve Carmichael, Fullerton CA
1974 Bug Wasp (Red), Mac 92 engine. This kart has been verified by Bug Engineering, 1 of 5 built with left side engine mount. Currently in original condition, has not been re-stored. Has original seat upholstery on seat.


Added March 2005:

Corey Cramer, Quakertown  PA
Bug wasp 1960, no engine

Robert Peak, Alpharetta GA
1970 Rupp Dart 300
Was giving this kart just this week [Jan 2005]; it's in pretty sad shape, but I intend to do a restoration to as near original as possible. It's set up for a 4 cycle engine,the original owner tells me it had a 3.5 Briggs when new.

John Danilov, Mt. Prospect  IL
Rupp Chevy Jr. (Monza SS), '68 or later, stock 5HP briggs
My oldest brother Scott gave me this cart as a teenager 28 years ago. He got it from a buddy of his who ran a truck center called Holmes 4x4 in Erie, PA. The Shrine used to run these carts. Could use an original seat cushion.

Steve Bettencourt, Warren  RI
1962 McCulloch Model 200
Currently running a Briggs flathead. I have owned this kart since 1970 and just used it for fun, running a 2HP Briggs engine. I always kept it protected with the intention of fixing it up correctly and hopefully will put a correct (or nearly) 2 cycle engine on it. For now it will be running a 4HP Briggs flatty with a header and Raptor carb.

Dave Brown, Venice FL
#1 1974 Margay Concept I enduro with Mac91b1 engine. restoration complete.
#2 1970 Van-K enduro, in progress. Will be powered by West Bend 700 engine
#3 1972 Hornet enduro, in progress, no engine yet for this project.

Mark Havery, Vallejo CA
1969 Blackhawk Poison Arrow (RED BARON RED)
NOS Margay gearbox, McCulloch 93, original pivotingchamber. Is being reasembled now for total restoration. All the stops pulled out for this restoration.
2004 Robron Chaparral (MET.BLUE)
Dual US820's, Bubba's spun aluminum fuel tank, braided stainless brake lines, dual mounts, twin discs with third bearing support, Nassau number panel.

Added June 2005:

Kevin Miller, Springfield OH
Amusement park cars:
1958 Streifthau Turnpike Cruiser ran at Coney Island Cincinnati Ohio
1959 Streifthau Turnpike Cruiser ran at Lesourdsville lake and Fantasy Farm
car number 5. Currently being restored. Looking for parts or cars.
Email me at  for pictures or info.

Chuck Woods, Ludlow MO
Rupp Monza Jr. 1963-65 era.
I have had this old kart for 11 years in the back of my shop, but now I am going to restore it for display. I need all the info i can to make as orginal as possible.

Charles B. Smithey,  Paisley  FL
1960 or 61 moss kart, Mac6
in the process of restoration.

Al Anderson, Des Moines IA 
Monza Jr. Go Cart Rupp manufacturing,1965,Tecumseh
Red, perfect condition. Original Monza Jr. Go Cart By Rupp Manufacturing.

Keith Bryan, West Palm Beach FL
1960 Capitol Kart "UMP" special
Dual engines mounted low in front of rear axle very seat forward rack and pinion .... is mine the only one left?

Tom Sherman, Simi Valley CA
1970-71 Bug Stinger sidewinder, full restoration, shilton tank.
Engine: Stock McCulloch MC91 M/C, big bore HR tilly carb, Horstman rev-grip clutch.
Looking for dual rear engined Kart for vintage racing.

John Julis, Bellflower CA
1960 Go Kart 800
Restore in process. Orgg. Azusa tank and disc brake, no f-bumper

Mark Sherpard, Oxford MI
1962 Caretta
Res. in progress, as lasted raced in 1965
***looking for any Carettas or parts***
plus early Go-Power wheels

Added June 2005:

Dave Wait. Cedar Falls  IA
Rupp Chaparrel CS-2 Sprint Kart, original owner, purchased Jan 1971. All original except paint and Hegar mounts. Never raced.
Have bill of sale and parts manual.
Currently for sale.

Dicken Wear, Las Vegas NV
1960 Rupp A-Bone.
1970 Tiger GT
Address: 7575 W. Washington Ave. , Suite 127
Las Vegas, NV 89128
(702) 367-7575

Jeff Gray, UK
1979 Birel T12
This kart was used by Mike Wilson to win 1981 World Championship (first of 6). Kart was restored this year and driven by Mike for Karting Magazine (UK) track test.
1977 Deavinsons Sprint. Kart was restored 2005, and has appeared at various Historic Kart demos in UK. Engine is Parilla TG14.
1978 Barlotti. Used in 100 National in UK late 70's, early 80's. Restored in 1987, then again in 2005. Komet K77 engine.

Richard L. Baumer, Omaha NE
I have a 1960-1963 Fox 
I just finished restoring. It has a McCulloch 91b/1 with only one short race on it since new in 1973. It had a Mc-10 prior to that. It is set up for a vertical mount, a steel plate bolted to the shaft side of the motor, goes down vertically and bolts to the mount on axle.I still need that plate.
Address: 8762 Fowler Ave Omaha, Neb 68134

Added December 2005:

Stephen Line, Vallejo CA
1963 Fox Flyweight - MC9
1974 Bug Wasp - Manx rotary valve
Both are restored to racing condition and run several times a year.
(415) 272-4603

John Mullen, Manhattan Beach CA
Rupp Chaparral Robron Repo with Dual Westbend 820's
Rupp Chaparral all original with Dual McCulloch 101's

John Tzortzoudakis, Redondo Beach CA
1968 Bug Sprint dual restored with McCulloch 91's
1971 Bug Stinger unrestored with McCulloch 91MC

Rudy Cataldo, Andover MA
1961-62 Hellcat -  set up for twins but has 1 West Bend
I'm the original first owner and 56 years old. I drove it about 3 years ago and it's still a blast.

Alan Schier, Phillipsburg NJ
Fantic kart , one unknown  kart with a Clinton A490,  a Fox kart with fiberglass seat, & just purchased a Bug enduro
with the vertical shaft steering, missing tanks, eng. mount & upholstery, model: Spider, Stinger, Scrarab?
We now have a vintage class at Oreville Kart Club at Topton PA.



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