How to Register

Do you own a vintage kart?

If you have a kart that is 25 years or older,  register yourself and your kart in the Vintage Karts Registry. You'll need to e-mail the following information (use the e-mail link on this page):

   Required Information:

                Your Name

                City and State (or Country)

                Make of kart, year (if you know it or approximate), and engine

                    (You may list data for several karts if applicable)

Optional Information:

            A sentence or two about each kart

                Full mailing address (it will be posted if you supply it)

                E-mail address (If you state it in the body of your message, it will be posted)

Note: Please do not send photos with your submittal. They will  not be posted in the Registry. Phortos can be shared with others via our Letters column.

                3demail.gif (25156 bytes) E-mail your registration



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