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Rolfe Kart Ad

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This is a glossy print direct from the agency (James W. Holmes Advertising) that handled advertising for Rolfe Aircraft Associates. It depicts a “Rolfe” kart with a quick-change power unit. Back in 1961 or so, several other manufacturers were offering their versions of this feature (McCulloch R1 and 300 karts and the Lil 500 kart).

 Rolfe Aircraft Associates was better known as the manufacturer of “RSK” karts (which were virtually identical to what you see here, but without the detachable rear feature).  Among my old magazines, I have seen many RSK kart ads, but never one for this  “Rolfe” kart.. This may have been an early (or later) variation that never went to market.

[This photo is from a collection that Vintage Karts is planning to donate to the Smithsonian.]

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