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Kavalla Kart

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Kavalla Kart ad ca. 1961.

Kavallas were manufactured by Bentas Brothers of Chelmsford Mass., and were very competitive racing karts. This is the only kart I know of to have been manufactured in Massachusetts in the early 60's.  Joe Germann, a long-time  friend of the Bentas family, contacted this site recently to fill in some of the history. The Kavalla Karts were built in a building (a converted chicken coop) out in back of the family house. Art was the mechanical genius of the business. According to Joe, Art had a neat custom car featured in Hot Rod magazine Nov 1959. That car was built in the same converted chicken coop. (I don't have that issue of Hot Rod, but would like to buy or borrow it if anyone has it). Bentas Brothers went on to also build hydro karts (kart engine-powered racing boats).

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