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Dan Erickson's Rupp Grand Prix and Bug Stinger

First: The Rupp
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Dan Erickson, of Westminster CA, talks about his kart:
The guy who used to race it ran it at several nationals, then hung it up on the wall of his garage in '71. It's a C-Open, with dual 101a s, twin crescent alky carbs, 4 wheel discs with dual calipers in the rear, and rupp knockoffs. The kart is equipped with the hot stuff from around 1969.

"My daughter Laura and I spent about 8 months restoring the kart, and we took it out to Adams Kart Track here in California (home of of the '64 nationals) and had a blast chasing the shifter karts!"

Here's a view of those twin 101A's:

erickson2.jpg (27183 bytes)

...and an action shot:
erickson3.jpg (20316 bytes)

Now about that Bug Stinger.

"It's a '73 bug stinger b light. my daughter laura and i painted the kart stinger yellow, had the seat reupholstered, and replaced the 91B1 with a 4 horse OHV honda. when laura (age 10) gets the feel of the kart, we'll try the 91. the kart runs and handles great, and laura has a blast shooting around adams kart track here in california!!"

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