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December 28, 2005,

Well, the big news is that karting is about to turn 50!! We've posted the winning logo design from the contest recently run by the Karting Industry Council.We expect the industry to be posting notices of events and commemorations and we'll deliver the news to you as it is supplied to us.  I decided this was a good opportunity to also reflect on the fact that Vintage Karts (the web site) is about to turn 10. Many of you have requested that I write an article about how the site came to be. Well, I thought it time to fess up to the 'whole story' once and for all in a  new article titled "Bob's Bio".

The updated Letters section features no less than 13 letters this time around and lots of very interesting images - even stuff for sale. So check it out. Links page has also been updated, and 5 new entries added to the Vintage Karts Registry. I have finally posted notices for 3 exciting vintage events coming up in 2006 - Quincy, Adams, and Brodhead. There are many more than these in the works and I will post the details as I receive them.

Thanks for visiting our advertisers via the Google banner ads on various pages within this website. These advertisers help pay the cost of running this site.  When you click and check them out, it benefits them and Vintage Karts (and, hopefully, you as well).

Happy New Year

Bob DiNozzi, Editor


Contacting the site:
We are accepting submissions to the Registry and the "Letters" columns.  If you have some hardware to show off, include it with your letter to the "Letters" column. Full details are on the Letters page. Otherwise, any pics you send will simply end up in my desk drawer for no one to see.

Lots of people write me for advice about where to get parts or information about vintage karts and engines. I have put together a Parts & Info Sources page with some suggested sources to contact as well as a few recommended reference books.

The downloads (for sale) now featured on the site (a relatively new feature) have proven quite popular. So far these are being offered for all the Mac manuals (Illustrated PLs) , as well as a few of the best kart and engine articles from 1961.

Be sure to get a copy of e-KMI's Karting Industry Buyer's Guide - only $9.95 plus shipping through Amazon.)

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