Cool Photo

This is my all-time favorite kart photo. It's a customized Ingels-Borelli Caretta that appeared on the cover of Kart magazine September 1961. The owner, Ted Petersen, fitted a 15 cu in Villiers "Grand Prix" model motorcycle engine, ported and relieved and sporting home-brewed intake and exhaust, Amal monobloc carb, with a Tillotson pump to pull fuel from the front-mounted tank to a gravity feed roll-bar protected reservoir above the engine. The engine delivered 16 hp on fuel to a 1" live axle (mounted in 2 pillow blocks) via Steen sprockets and 38 pitch chain.

The upholstery and steering wheel are custom made, as is the brake linkage controlling a right side mounted Bendix brake (from left side mounted pedal). The frame was modified with extra cross members, front bumper, and much chrome work. Steen slicks are mounted on 5" Gabrow wheels up front and 6" Hands at the rear. Color is characteristic Caretta yellow.

The kart has an incredible "rightness" of form and stance. This is one kart that has stuck in my mind since first seeing this photo back in '61 (when I was 13). I was glad to find a copy of this same issue some 3 decades later.

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