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Steve Armstrong's Margay Scat Cat

ArmstrongSBAMargay.jpg (17957 bytes)

Steve Armstrong of New Orleans LA sent this shot of his 1974 Margay Scat cat. It was given to him by his parents when he was about 12. Steve goes on to say:

"It has a 5hp Tecumseh engine, everything on the kart is  original, including the air in the Goodyear knobby tires (although the rears are more bald than i am). As you can see it now entertains the next  generation of kart nuts each summer in Vermont. Each year I spend a few days  of vacation getting it working, and it runs well and is very fast.

"Is there anybody that can help me with the history of this model, and how to get parts (i need disc brake pads and tires) as margay has no info - does anybody out there know? I would like to fix it up, re-spray the rust spotson the frame, etc. but wish to do it with the correct stuff - anyone,please help! thanks very much."

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