The Go Kart Racing Team

This GoKart Mfg Co. promo, ca 1960-61,  features the GoKart racing team.
(Photo courtesy Jim Patronite Jr., Azusa Engineering)

GKmfg.jpg (108226 bytes)

In case you can't read the names and racing class designations, they are as follows:

Row 1: Bob Bosemer - A Standard; Bill Jeffrey - A Super; Sets Kanamoto - A Unlimited.
Row 2: Gil Horstman - Chief Tuner; Dick Connors - B Standard.
Row 3: Tex Bell - B Super; Bill Woolard - C Standard; Duffy Livingstone - C Super.
(Duffy, of course, was one of the founders of the GoKart Mfg Co.)

The kart pictured is a GoKart 800.

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